i see my classmates everywhere

whenever I go to the library, I usually run into several people from either my design or intermediate dynamics class studying. And all my “engineering” friends are usually in the library. Whenever I study in the UU it feels so different becasue i think everyone there is mostly just sitting around doing the reading/sleeping thing.

What drinks I hate the most is those drinks that say they are made from real fruit juice. Then I buy it and drink it and find out its nothing but sugar water. I was drinking something called orangeade, and after drinking it I felt really thirsty and sweet. Then i read and it says “made with real fruit juice”, and then it says “only 3%”, so I just sat there and drank a lot of fructose. And my throat now feels dry from all the sweet fructose.

The most interesting thing today was watching my lab design teacher talk. For one hour and 30 minutes, he talked about random things. About how pressure vessels can be very dangerous if they explode. After his talk on pressure vessels, I’m never going to hide by the side of the pressure vessel near the end caps, but near the middle. Just because the end caps are made to fail first, so firemen won’t get hurt if they have to put out a fire. And also, I learned why pieces of wood are always blank by 8 feet. Its because 8 feet is the widest load you can put on a truck. That is why everything that is really big, usually has a special number 8 as a width.

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