rain rain go away

I woke up today, and it was pouring outside. And it was cold, and I felt like a lizard (I wanted to just stay in my warm bed). Becuase I have a hard time getting out of bed when its cold, I try to milk as much time in the bed as possible. I figured out I haven’t fallen asleep in indian position. So I sit indian style right when i wake up, and just bend over, lay my head of the bed and I don’t really fall asleep because its an uncomfroatble position.

Then I choose the wrong pair of chooses to go to school in. I wore my runnings shoes, and I don’t know why I did that. So I’m walking around, jumping away from the puddles, and doing some hopping around. But its pouring, so I’m walkign up the sidewalk (which is going up a little hill). And hte whole sidewalk has at least 1 inch of water streaming down it. Then a car comes near the curb, so I jump back a little, so it doesn’t splash me. And I felt like a windshield walking to class, because the water kept on flying into my eyes. Then it would go into my mouth, and it tasted okay.

I finished my lab report with my lab partner. For some reason, we couldn’t do it yesterday, or two days ago. We had actually followed the right steps and instructions, but for some reason both of us couldn’t do math that one day. Its one of those things about life, when you try really hard to figure it out, it doesn’t really come to you until later, or the next time you see it.

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