i put in my time today

I put in my time at the hanger today, becuase it was a holiday. So I got to the hanger at around 9:30 to help out with supermileage. We were putting the resin onto the mold today, and laying the cloth and mat onto the top mold of the part. It was going to be a long day, because we would need to put on 6 layers of cloth, and 3 layers of mat(it kind of looks like hay).

And we used paintbrushes, and just had to swipe the cloth until the resin got into it and it becamse nice and wet and stuck to the mold. An interesting note, there were 12 of us working on layering the mold. And what peaked my curiosity was how two of the guys were able to convince their girlfriends to come and help us work on the car. I never actually asked them what they did, but I think they must owe their girlfriend’s big time, because we worked for 9 hours in the paint booth at the hanger.

I got to wear all the cool gear, I was wearing a paint suit, and using a respirator. And my suit had writing on it. I was “mad hacker” for the day, and it was better then the other suit left that said “bikini man” or something like that. Everyone else just had a suit with no names on it. But inside the paint booth, it got really hot because we had to keep it warm. There was at least 20 degree’s difference.

This is going to be a long update.

Then after that, I had to go and meet my other lab partners to work on our design lab at 4pm. And we sat there for an hour and a half trying to figure out what the teacher did in class. Then we were all really lazy, and didn’t want to do work on friday. So we delegated all the work, and will combine it together on monday. This was around 6:00pm.

Then I sprinted home, because it was raining and I had also said I would make dinner for my friend and my roommate. So I had told him 6:30pm. So I arrive back, throw the rest of the stuff into the crockpot(which I had prepared in the morning), and made rice, chicken, corn, and brownies. So I think I finished making everything 6:45. So i was cheating in making the chicken. I put it in the toaster oven for 20 minutes at 450 degrees right when i pulled it out of the freezer (the hard part is pulling forzen drumsticks out). Then I tossed it into my wok ,and cooked it off fast.

What made things interesting, was that my batman roommate came back home while I just about finished cooking. And I didn’t expect him to be back so early, so I hadn’t prepared food for him. Or told him about it, because he usually comes back at 10pm or later. I wasn’t going to make more food(mostly just hte chicken). So I was relieved to find out that he had already eaten dinner with his friends.

Unlike the brownie i made for the AACF sister’s appreciation, the ones I made were more on the gooey side this time. So the pieces came out softer and softer. And if I had ice cream, this would make a great a la mode. But it looked like a volcano had erupted when I put the brownies onto plates because it was falling apart as I was pulling it out. The only hard part about cooking is that on different days, the food cooks differently, so what worked perfectly yesterday might be a little off today.

Finally, I sat around and finished up some animations for conal. He’s doing a documentary/report on bed bugs for his project (senior project?). I’m not sure, but he wanted to put some animations into it. So I was helping him make some. So I currently have 25 second clip done, and i’m working on the other 2 right now. They currently have no sound because he hasn’t given me the sound bytes yet. So if you want to see it, here are the 2 that i’ve been working on.

1. Done just needs sound. http://www.calpoly.edu/~awwong/bedbug.swf Its suppose to be the bed bug life cycle.

2. Working on it (depending on when you read this blog stuff will look better. If you read this 2 minutes after I post it. It will not look like much)

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