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I have 1, 2, 3, 4 lab partners this quarter. One for vibes, 2 for design, and i think 1 for ime. What’s interesting is how I end up with lab partners of varying quality traits. Good thing I don’t have my lab partner in the closet as my lab partner, or else I would not be in my room right now. I would actually be in the lab at midnight trying to finish up my project before its due. So this quarter, it looks like I will have to carry the load in vibes class. Nothing wrong with my lab partner, but its just that he’s not as familiar with the program (like matlab) and the machines in the lab. So I have to do more work. Knowing that I like to do the most amount of work in the least amount of time (I like efficiency, so I can have more time to be inefficient). So I power us through the lab.

My design lab partners seem to think like me. Do the work as best as you can, and if you can’t really figure it out don’t fret about it. Just turn it in, and we’ll try again next lab report. Also, its because one of my lab partner is out of town for a convention this week. So its going to be a two man group.

The best thing about trying to meet as many mechanical engineers as possible in my classes is that a lot of them I see again. And they can help me out. I walked into my vibes class, and I had been working on it, but didn’t know how to finish it. So I ask the guy in front of me, and he lets me copy down his solutions. Then i figured out what i did wrong. That’s the nice thing about having a solutions, if I try to do the problem without it and can’t figure it out. Looking at the solution teaches me everything else that I didn’t think about.

We found our roommate for next year, because my freshman roommate thinks we are too boring (actually its implied, becuase he wants to live at stenner glen with his friends because he heard there are a lot of parties there) So we were searching, actually neither Marc or I did any searching. We told Tom, if you can find us a roommate you can choose whoever you want (even a girl roommate). But he found us a guy roommate who he roomed with 2 years ago. Then I meet the guy, and he’s one of hte guys from my IME class last quarter. I think next year, our place is going to be clean (we will trade away our pizza eating machine roommate). Speaking of pizza. I walked outside today and saw that we have a 7 box pile of pizza boxes. I think that’s just from this week (all eaten by the freshman).

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