project setback

I hate it when projects have set backs. But ours had a major setback. I was at Darrell’s house and we were working on our heat transfer project. Everything went fine and looked like it was going to work. Then we put in the hot water, and it messed up everything. We were using a point source as our way of magnifying the size of the needle. But the heat from the water was fogging up our l.e.d which caused it to be blurry. So that messed everything up. so after 3 hours we found out what we couldn’t do.

While we were lamenting our failure in our thermal lab, we sat around and played Worms: Armaggedon to just get away from the lab for a while. That is one of the greatest games I played. I love the air strike and holy hand grenade. And also the prod is a great move to push a worm off a platform.

I was laughing at my essay all day. I got it back and got a 93 on it. I was feeling a little so-so about it because all the people around me had gotten 75’s. So it made me kind of scared because i had written my essay with what i thought was a weak thesis, and in 2 midnights. So I had some funny proofreading errors. I was writing on the “Sorrows of young Werther”, and I had spelled the girls name Lotte, Lotto every once in a while. And the teacher wrote some funny comment saying “Is Werther addicted to gambling also?”

I found some pictures someone took of when we played softball. I saw myself waiting for a pitch, and I think i look like i’m about to huff and puff or something. I look pretty funny, then I see Jeff’s hitting after me and it looks like he is a mean ball crushing monster.

When I saw the picture of myself, I was wondering why my back leg looked funny. Then it occurred to me that it was a muscle that made my leg look so boxy.

This is going to be a fun weekend. But I have to finish all my labs before then. Hmm, i got to stop scaring people, because they start thinking I’m weird because I seem to be all over the place when I talk. When I’m just chatting around.

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