That’s what I did today, I spent most of the day playing sports. A lot of alumni came back to play football with us this morning. So we had enough for 11 on 11, and a lot of the young ones like freshman, sophmores don’t like to play football, so even though i’m a 4th year, i still play with the young ones.

I’m still not as good at tackling, but I slow people down. But I think I brusied up my knee, so I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow. And when I was taking a shower, I could feel all the scrapes and bruises I had. But it was all okay.

Then in the afternoon, we played softball. Our softball was a little harder today so everyone was hitting it harder. I was crushing some of hte balls, but because its a softball, It only goes to mid outfield. I thought I had crushed one ball, but it ended up just going really high and to centerfield. But its a good thing a girl was playing centerfield because she missed it. I think the height of the high of the ball messed up her perception, becuase it just went over her head after she was settled under it.

Tomorrow i need to finish up my design project. I worked on it last night in the lab after AACF. It was interesting seeing 2 other people in the lab at 10pm on a friday night.

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