problems and hilariarity ensures

So life just got more interesting today.

First, “thats comedy” comes up first. Edris was telling me how people in LA say “that’s comedy”, when we up here say “that’s hilarious(or funny)”. We were talking about that after we watching “wedding crashers”. I liked Christopher Walken. My roommate always said “I’ll watch any movie with Christopher walken in it”.

Okay, so last night I had this random dream. I was in a building that looked like church, and there was a movie being played at the front on the screen. But I was really tired in my dream, so I was watching the movie, and the next thing i know, is that i fell asleep. When I wake up, i’m lying down on the bench with my body facing to the left.

So now I wake up for real, but I’m still really tired. So my eyes are still closed. And I’m thinking that I had rolled to the left, because I’m recalling my dream. So I turn my body halfway to the right and i fall out of my bed. It wasn’t really painful, because I didn’t know what was happening. So I popped back into my bed and went on sleeping.

Now, I’m going to rant a little. One of my roommate for next year has backed out. It kind of makes me mad that he just suddenly backs out, and he was telling me he had money troubles. I don’t fault him for it, but I start wondering why did he decide to room up with us for the $510 rent if he was really tight on money. Okay, I’m doing ranting, now its time to find a roommate to live with us.
The best thing about our place is that its a 5 minute walk from cal poly.

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