this week has been very hot

I don’t like this heat, because once it gets around 2pm, i get really sleepy because the sun is so hot outside, and i can’t go outside. So i stay inside in the shade. Just like the little kids across the street.

BEcuase it was very hot, i took off my shirt, so now i’m shirtless. So my mom tells me to cook food. And it gets really hot when you start cooking, and I decide not to wear an apron. But now i know why i should wear an apron. Because when i cook food. I cook with passion and energy, and that means things kind of fly off the wok. Like in those cooking shows, where you get the flames and stuff. So I think i got seared by several drops of oil, because i was turning the bok choy too hard. Then to top it off, I was reaching for something on the table, and my forearm scrapped against the plastic wrap blade, so now i have some minor abrasions there.

I think i must be the cook that gets the dirtiest the fastest. I have proof, because I remember when i work in the grill room, all the main cooks that have been working all day have nice clean aprons at the end of hte day, while I only work 3 hours, and my apron has changed colors.

Finally, its fantasy football season time again. So I sat around trying to think of a weird football name. Last year i named my team the starless wonders. So I was looking around, and I came up with “The Holy Ones”, because I was listening to a replay of the A’s game on MLB radio. If you don’t know, the A’s game are on kfrc, which has now been sold to a Christian Radio Company, but they still play the A’s game for the rest of the season, because there was an agreement there.
And when I listen to radnich in the morning, one guy said “the A’s started winning, once KFRC turned into a christian radio station.” I hope it wears off on my fantasy football team. Because its going to be the holy team, led by Priest Holmes, JJ Moses and Marques Pope(even though he doesn’t play anymore)

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