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So today, my sister left for her Hong Kong missions trip. Now, its getting boring at home. Why? I’m not sure why, but I feel like I need someone to counter me. We think random things, and the best part is when I walk into the room singing a song, and she is singing the exact same song. Kind of weird.

I was talking to my sister today, while she was on the phone. And like asians, for some reason, I like to talk loud. So i hear my sister talking back to me, and then saying into the phone. My brother is arguing with me, he just talks loud, to make sure I hear him. I was asking my sister where the leftover rice was. I was going to have leftovers for lunch.

So I had a quandary. I looked around the fridge, and didn’t see any rice. All I saw was chicken. But I didn’t want to eat chicken alone. Then I see my sister didn’t like the leftovers, but she had taken all the rice. She had finished her lunch already, but left half a bowl of rice kind of eaten in her bowl. Then I was thinking to myself what I could do. Cook rice(which would take 20 minutes), make noodles(take 5-10 minutes), or just eat her rice(1 minute in microwave). So I decided that I was really hungry, so i just ate her bowl of rice.

My life isn’t too complicated right now, but I have done some random stuff this week. Today, I had to resend keys to my roommate. For some reason, I thought I could just send the keys in a regular envelope. I had sent the keys to my roommate on monday, and he did receive the letter on wednesday, but the keys were lost in transit. So I learned that when keys sent in the mail should be put in packaging paper. Since my roommate needed the keys by saturday, I had to send him the keys by friday(tomorrow). I had to use express mail, which predicted that he should receive the keys by 3:00 on friday. It wasn’t too bad, except for the price. It cost me 14 dollars to send 2 keys to LA in one day. If i just doubled that, I could single handedly just get in my car and drive all the way to Cal Poly, drop off the keys, and go back home.

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