Power up

Power up
I was drinking a lot of water today. So much so, I don’t think my body can hold it. So after a while, every time I drank 1/2 cup of water, I would have to go to the restroom. I felt like a robot, I could go on command. Just put in 1/2 cup of water and I would go to the restroom.

I wanted to break a 50 that my grandma gave me, so I asked my dad to break me the 50. And he said he broke it for me, and gave me a 1 to 1 deal. So I was thinking, cool, then I looked into my wallet and saw he broke me 1 for 1. He gave me a 20 for my 50. =). He was just joking, I hope.

Then vinesh was showing me the chinese gold farmers video on youtube. And we had thought about it, so I think Marc was right, for his philosophy class he analyzed me and talked about what he thought I would grow up and do. Then he said “Andrew will grow up to do something illegal and be amoral”. Since I didn’t like that prediction, I will never want to start my own chinese gold farm now.

Today was a grind in the afternoon at work. I was falling asleep, but still trying to do work. So I was like a zombie today, I talked about my dream, which was really interesting. I dream in color. It was a war dream, weird. I’ll put the story on my livejournal

the dream I told vinesh

mIghTydru: okay, i’m living at this one place
mIghTydru: its a small town
mIghTydru: did i ever drive you around cal poly?
mIghTydru: but the place kind of looked like that in my dream
mIghTydru: and there were 5 buildings
mIghTydru: 3 in the front and 2 in the back
mIghTydru: and the two in the back were the bad houses
mIghTydru: the one on the left was like a winchester mystery house
mIghTydru: so it was kind of creepy
mIghTydru: and the other one was a mansion, where the president lived
mIghTydru: so somehow I’m there, and we find out there is going to be an attack on our village
mIghTydru: not village but our place
mIghTydru: so everyone gets a gun
mIghTydru: and I get my gun
mIghTydru: and i’m in one of hte front buildings
mIghTydru: and i’m in my hiding space
mIghTydru: because i’m scared of fighting
mIghTydru: so i find this little hatchway
mIghTydru: that’s inbetween a bathroom
mIghTydru: and i’m hiding in the girls bathroom
mIghTydru: because no one is going ot look inside
mIghTydru: and then i hear the guys running
mIghTydru: and they find me in the rest room
mIghTydru: so i run and jump out onto the floor
mIghTydru: sec
teh Philosopher: what happened afterwards?
mIghTydru: i need to recollect it
mIghTydru: okay
mIghTydru: so i’m hiding the girls bathroom
mIghTydru: and I hear all these running and screaming
mIghTydru: and you hear the enemies opening up doors and closing them
mIghTydru: and i’m sitting there hiding in hte girls bathroom
mIghTydru: with hte hatch beneath me
mIghTydru: and i hear them running in
mIghTydru: and then I think they are about to see me
mIghTydru: so i open the hatch, and jump down
mIghTydru: and now i’m in the underground water level
mIghTydru: *undergorund level
mIghTydru: with all the pipes and so forth
mIghTydru: and I see that the enemy is on this floor too
mIghTydru: and one guy spots me and starts to chase me down
mIghTydru: and there is a balcony indoors that goes down one floor
mIghTydru: so i jump from the top balcony to the bottom
mIghTydru: and I have a flash bang, so I take it out and throw it behind me
mIghTydru: and the other guy jumps down and gets flashed right in his eyes
mIghTydru: and he can’t see
mIghTydru: so I pick up my gun point at him and shoot
mIghTydru: I take 5 shots
mIghTydru: but still can’t hit him
mIghTydru: i don’t know why, but I can’t
mIghTydru: then the flash bang wears off and he can see me
mIghTydru: so I run out the room
mIghTydru: and go down a street
mIghTydru: and I see the enemy tanks coming
mIghTydru: and its nighttime now
mIghTydru: so they can’t really see me too well
mIghTydru: i come upon this little brown hut
mIghTydru: right now the enemy is still fighting in the front buildings
mIghTydru: so i get to this hut, and walk in
mIghTydru: and there is only gardening stuff and other things in it
mIghTydru: but the roof is kind of blown off
mIghTydru: but there is this really small hatch to get to the roof, that no one would notice
mIghTydru: so i get to hte roof and can see what’s happening all around me
mIghTydru: but i’m really tired, so I sleep there, hiding myself next to the remaing pieces of the roof to hide
mIghTydru: so in the morning, I wake up
mIghTydru: and hte enemy has taken over the whole town
mIghTydru: except for hte winchester house
mIghTydru: becuase no one wants to go into there
mIghTydru: and they took over the mansion and made it their base
mIghTydru: and there are tanks driving up and down hte street
mIghTydru: so I get out of hte hut, and i’m thinking “i can either go into the winchester house, or the woods (because this town is a coastal town, next to water)
mIghTydru: so I’m afraid of the winchester mystery house, so i run into hte woods
mIghTydru: and in the beginning of the woods
mIghTydru: kind of imagine in WOW the land with the bears and spider next to the lake
mIghTydru: i’m running thorough there
mIghTydru: and I see some enemy soldiers flying a helicopter and running around doing weird things
mIghTydru: so i run deeper along the coast until i get to this little coastal eatery/restruant
mIghTydru: and the lady comes out and tells me I can stay here with the other people
teh Philosopher: do you know who is after you?
mIghTydru: well, its this enemy
mIghTydru: that is taking over the village
mIghTydru: so they were all in uniform
mIghTydru: they aren’t really after me, they just want the village/town
mIghTydru: so I am talking to the lady, and she says “well I don’t have fresh water or clean water for shower or toilets”
mIghTydru: so everyone will have to go to the restroom far from the place
mIghTydru: and I ask her why she doesn’t have clean water
mIghTydru: and she says “because my water filtration device will give away our position to hte enemy, and they will find us”
mIghTydru: becuase it makes the water a different color
teh Philosopher: ah
mIghTydru: the water near her place is usually blue, but it was brown because she didn’t turn on the filtration
mIghTydru: so i stay there for a day
mIghTydru: but I really want a clean shower in the water
mIghTydru: so I turn on her filtration
mIghTydru: and i see other people take a shower
mIghTydru: and when they come out, the chlorine has stuck to their skin and they turn blue
mIghTydru: so they kick me out
teh Philosopher: haha
mIghTydru: so I go back to the town
mIghTydru: and now the enemy has taken over the town
mIghTydru: so they don’t think I’m resistance or anything
mIghTydru: so I go up to hte general and he thinks i’m one of the delivery boys
mIghTydru: so tells me to bring this giant package to a guy in the museum in hte mansion
mIghTydru: so i’m going through the town, and you see soldiers playing games
mIghTydru: and it feels like an amusement park
mIghTydru: so I’m walking, and thinking “I wonder what’s in this package”
mIghTydru: and just as i was about to open the package
mIghTydru: i wake up
mIghTydru: that was my dream
teh Philosopher: i think there are always like three things in dreams
teh Philosopher: one,there’s always something chasing you
teh Philosopher: and you don’t know why you’re in the situation to begin with
teh Philosopher: two, i don’t think i’ve ever killed anybody in my dreams. maybe a few times
teh Philosopher: but the third one is the most common
teh Philosopher: which is whenever you’re about to do something that’s the piont of the entire dream
teh Philosopher: like to acquire some box
teh Philosopher: or get a letter or something
teh Philosopher: and right when you are about to find out what it is
teh Philosopher: you wake up
mIghTydru: yeah
teh Philosopher: i don’t und

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