I was really tired today at work, I was sitting there drawing, and I would just want to put my head down and take a nap. But I got some of the programs to work, so now we don’t need to get those guys who don’t know what they are doing to come back and fix the programs.

I was sitting around dreaming about what I could do with sludge. Then I thought of different things. And Ed still kept on shooting it down. So right now, the only thing that works is an ant farm. So I’m just thinking about cool ant farms I could make. Like those glow in the dark farms.

After toastmasters, I was watching some high schoolers at Neighborhood church practicing their musical. They were putting in a lot of practice, and it looks really good. Maybe in 3 weeks I will see them.

The word of the day was “parsimonious” which means sparing in expenditure, frugal to excess.

There were 3 prhases I heard today that I thought were interesting. Refering to florida as “heaven’s waiting room”, the guy commenting on my speech and saying how I had command aura “an old man in a young man’s body”, and from the guy who made the other engineers mad because he walks in, and the first thing he yells in a hoarse voice is “is everyone on break now” without even ringing the bell or anything.

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