Portland Trip Day 2 Part 1



We woke up somewhat bright and early today to check out bikes and go on our portlandia bike ride. It was sherri, eric, chosen, jaime and I on the ride. Smile It will be an epic day because we plan on hitting up a lot of the places we marked down on our  google map.


The first place we went to was the portland cyclery shop. There we all got our bikes, I guess they don’t carry that many small bikes, because sherri had a bike that was a little bigger than her. My bike was slightly bigger than I liked too, but just like 1/2 an inch. It wasn’t too bad, because I know how to bike, so I could adjust to it. 20140705_102132

The fun person we met there was bike guy running the counter, he actually went to the same school as sherri. He was maybe 2 years younger than her sister. At first she didn’t want to tell him the school, because she thought he wouldn’t know. but guess what? he did. She was so surprised, because she didn’t think she would ever see anyone like that. Smile

So we hung out there for maybe an extra 15 minutes, most of the other people were just testing out their bikes, while sherri was talking to the guy.  I would say she was vetting him to make sure he was legit. Smile J/K she was mostly just trying to figure out who they knew in common. Smile


So the first place we went to after getting our bikes was the portland Saturday Market. They have a pretty big farmer’s market/sell pinterest style things. It would be more practical things compared to the maker’s faire bazaar. The maker’s faire had more random pretty things that weren’t really things you would use. This had more fun things that were useful. SmileIMAG2446

And while this was happening we also bought food from the booths.

Our next stop was biking past voodoo donuts to the Powell bookstore. We got into a disagreement here with eric. Who took us on the car path instead of the bike path. So the girls sherri and Jamie were super uncomfortable riding. That caused us to break up because Jamie couldn’t make it through (super scared of riding and Eric wasn’t slowing down). Smile So we kind of chewed Eric out a little and did our stuff. However, we all eventually got there to powell. However after that we were all good.



What fun stuff did we do inside the bookstore? We scaled far and wide to see what was inside there. Smile Hahahah, we had some pretty funny times in there. That place reminded me of a huge library. I think chosen and Eric went to see the anime/manga section.


Look at what we drank next … We went to the deschutes restaurant to eat. Our server had a really cute watercolor tattoo. We had a running competition to figure out how here name was spelled. She had said it out, and we thought it was either Revey, Revee, Ravay, Reve. It ended up being french so it was Reve with an accent mark.

My favorite part was how chosen was celebrating when he thought he had the correct spelling. What had happened was that he had guessed wrong, but remembered Jamie’s answer.

There were also some pretty good beer. We also had some weird phrases like “the party doesn’t start until the Wang Arrives”, The “Wong Chosen Wang”, and “there is too much PDFing in here.

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