Painting the Church


So for today, after work I went to help Sherri’s Church paint. Their church is in alameda, and needed to be recoated. The new pastor has been painting the place, so random small groups have been coming over to paint it more.

The bad thing about painting at night were the shadows, especially with paint drying at different speeds, it looked like we kept on missing parts.

I really don’t like painting, but I did do it, because I want to be empathic to what Sherri likes to do. So Eric and I were painting around the stage area, for some reason, I forgot how much of a workout painting is. After painting for 1.5 hours, I was dripping in sweat.


I guess we did a good job, but I did find it interesting that there were transients that lived in the place sometimes. I guess they jumped the fire escape hatch and broke in through the door to sleep. Sad smile

I totally forgot to say why that I don’t like to paint. It is because I had to paint my own house, and it took forever. So I promised myself that the next time I had to paint a place, I would rather pay someone to do it. Instead of taking many many hours to do it.

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