Why I love youtube for learning


My bathroom showerhead has started to leak more often now. So I decided it was time to try to fix it. One of the most interesting thing is that with youtube, I can just search how to fix anything online. There I will see videos of people doing things such as fixing shower heads.

However, I usually don’t go look up the videos first. I try to do it myself, and do my own research. So the first thing I do is figure out what part I have, however I couldn’t really figure it out, so I decided to unscrew the shower handle to see if it told me anything. However that didn’t do anything.  So the next thing I did was go to Home Depot and looked at parts to see what looked closest to what I was looking for. That took a while, and I did not find something that looked good.

Eventually I went to delta’s shower website, and it was able to help me locate my shoewr head. So then I was able to go online, watched youtube videos on how to replace the valves. Smile But I will have to wait a while because I have to order a special part.

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