Saturday Lunch and Learn


So today for saturday, I went to the stores to buy Sherri some breakfast. I ended up at the marina supermarket. Actually, I first went to safeway to buy some potstickers. However, they don’t sell any there. SO I ended up getting some potstickers from the marina.

Potstickers and dumplings are the same thing, except that potstickers are browned on a cooking pot. While dumplings are just steamed, but I love potstickers.


Chosen and I were looking for a place to eat. However, we didn’t know what to eat. So to leave it up to chance we went to my favorite website, called “wheel of lunch”. I put in our address and one mile away. It ended bringing me to this place called “Jenjon’s Café”, however I don’t like their food. So we decided on vietnamese food, and I yelped a place near my house, and it ended up being Mai’s kitchen.

This place has 4.5 stars on yelp, and when we sat down. Chosen opens up yelp,a nd looks to see what to order. I ended up getting the bahn minh with a fried egg, and an avocado smoothie. While Chosen got the pho, because they said it was a really good. Which it was, and they didn’t premake it, because it took them some time to cook the food for us.


What I didn’t realize is that there are a lot of restaurants near my house that I have never been to. I didn’t even know that bharat bazar was an indian supermarket. I thought it was just a bazaar that sold random stuff. Now it makes sense.

I took a picture of a korean grocery near my house too.

Then to finish off the rest of the lunch, we went to Sharetea for boba. We didn’t realize that it opens at 1pm, so we got there at around 12:50. We could see the guy inside at the counter just playing on his phone. When we were standing there, we were the only ones at the place. So since we were waiting for them to open, we sat down on a bench in front of the store. 10 minutes later, when the store opened at 1pm. There were 30 people hanging around that suddenly formed a line when the door open. We were lucky some of the people let us get in line in front of them, because we sitting and didn’t realize this line formed in 10 seconds.

When we went in, they were streaming the championship of league of legends on their tv.  It looked really good, very high quality product, I thought I was watching espn of esports.

It was so interesting, that Chosen and I went home, and we watched 1 hour worth of gaming. Especially since Chosen was rooting for TPA, because they were the taiwanese team. But they got destroyed.


At the end of the night, around 6pm. I went to my co-worker Karl’s Birthday. So I got him a stormwind mug. It was a sweet a mug, and I think he will drink a lot of beer out of it. He opened up a 60proof bottle of whiskey. It burned just by smelling it.

I took a little sip, and my stomach was warm and toasty, like it was on fire. I thought I could blow fire when I took a gulp. This was the first party that I went to that had babies, beers, and party all together. All these little munchins runnings around and poking/playing around.

Overall, this was a really great day that I enjoyed.

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