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I came home today and my dad had brought home this scratch removing stuff for the car called “ScratchX” by Meguiar. And I think a month ago, my mom had backed up her car and got into an accident, and it left a lot of scratch marks on the left side bumper. A car was driving by and kept on driving a little more before it stopped, so there were a lot of streaks on it. Some red paint, and nice long black lines.

So I pushed on the tube and put it onto the car bumper, and began to massage it in. And nothing was happening, and I thought to myself. “This product must not work, because the scratches are too deep”. Then my dad comes out and tells me that you have to rub it hard, and I then started rubbing it hard, and stuff started to come off. The red paint lines from the other car. We had tried other things on the car, like using a multiscraper tool to get off the excess paints, but that didn’t work.

Right now, I’m done for the day, I think we cleaned up about 2/3 of the lines, we just have two big lines on hte bumper. I think I will be able to get it off tomorrow, because I’m so tired. I think I spent around 1 hour rubbing this stuff out. I won’t be surprise if tomorrow I find my right forearm sore.

Too bad I don’t have a picture of hte original bumper, but this is the current bumper right now. It doesn’t look too bad.

Today, I think I should end up making a cookbook called “how to survive eating random things”. For some reason, I think somethings will taste good together, but they don’t. In the shelves, I found a can of condense milk, and then I found a box of club crackers. And I made my own handisnack, but instead of cheese, I used condense milk. After eating it, I don’t think it was too good. It might have been better with unsalted crackers. Because it started out sweet, but then turned salty. Which messed up my tastebuds. I think tomorrow, I’m going to figure out if there are any cool things I can do with instant noodles. I should see what happens if I try to make deep fried instant noodles.

I think I’ve said it many times, but I have 6 pillows on my bed. It seems that when somebody in my family doesn’t want their pillows they used my room as storage. So yesterday, I put all my pillows on the side under my blanket, because I was making my bed nice. So its around 8:00pm, and I’m playing a video game. And my sister comes into my room and sits on my bed to talk to me. Then I talk to her for one minute, but she doesn’t talk, so i stop talking and go back to playing. Then I look over 10 minutes later and see that she has fallen asleep on top of the blanket(on the side where all my pillows were under). She must have liked it a lot, because she woke up 30 minutes later, left my room, but came back in 5 minutes and went back to sleep on top of my blanket. So when I went to sleep, I had to kick her off my bed, because she didn’t want to leave because it was so comfortable.

Because she sat on top of my bed, she gets nominated for picture of the day. I did this, because I was randomly browsing through the pictures that were on the digital camera and came upon some. And I know people like pictures, because I talked to my sister and wondered why she didn’t have more pictures of herself, whenever she put up pictures. I was telling her, people would rather see pictures of you or something you did. So i’m going to put a picture of her up here being a nurse(she volunteers at Kaiser) with the little cousins.

The library is a fun place to go to if it wasn’t so small, and a place more fun to go to is Doug house, because they have everything you need to be in a band. I’m still trying to figure out how Doug duets on his grand and upright pianos, and play his acoutistic and harmonica at the same time. While Neil plays on his acoustic bass, electric bass, and banjo. While they have Brad as the lead speaker/singer, dancer. My favorite part about Doug’s place is how they always seem to leave their doors unlocked, even if no one is there. So I go into their place, and find them usually in their rooms sleeping or something.

I think the neighboorhood gets really interesting when there are people who are doing things in their garage and moving stuff around. It makes for a really interesting visuals look outside the window. I think my neighbors work at home, becuase they always seem to be at home. And I think they are cleaning out their garage, because everyday, I see them move stuff out onto their driveway and put up cones. Then they build something, and test out the things they find. Then at night they put everything back in (his older son(several years younger then me), and two little ones(7,8 I presume). It’s interesting, because they always bring stuff out of the garage, I think the neighbor was fixing his motorcycle today, or yesterrday.

Today, they had this truck that would go around and pick up stuff for charity. How most people get those bags and flyers on their door saying “Charity pickup”, so my mom must have found a lot of stuff to give away, because I saw 3 trashbags of clothes outside and two strawhats. As the truck was driving by, it stopped and the guy popped out and ran across the street to see if it was for his truck. So he picks it up and brings it to the back of his truck. Then I see my neighbor come up and say “Do you want a motorcycle engine?”, and I’m not sure what the guy said, but I saw that my neighbor had donated something to the charity truck also.

That’s all for now.

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