Yesterday I talked about how i was rubbing away the scratches on the back of the car. And i stopped because i got tired. Then today, I went back ot it, and was able to take it all off, with the help of the hand plastic multi-scraper. So here is the picture of the car back now.

My parents like to make me cook the food, so i’m getting really good at it. I think of cooking like an art, I’m not sure if it tastes good, but it should look good. That’s how I cook the vegetables, when i stir fry the bok choy and so forth, i’m not really sure how long to cook it, i just keep on cooking until it looks edible and has a certain color to it that i recognize.
But when I go to my condo at college, i won’t really care what I cook or how it looks. Because no one will have to see what it is, and everything will eventually go into my own stomach. So i usually don’t cut anything or put a lot of effort in, because I think preparing food takes the most time.

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