Yesterday I was sore, today I was sore.

On Saturday morning, I was watching Saturday Morning Cartoons, and doing some situps. I then get up and decide to stretch my arms, so I stretched my arms above my head, and I strained the muscle on my deltoid, right near the back of my shoulderblade. It wasn’t too bad, until i had to go to sleep. Its really hard to get onto the bed, because I couldn’t really lay down backwards, so I kind of did a bellyflop onto my bed and quickly flipped over. Then i felt the pain in my shoulder for 10 seconds, but it eventually subsided.

The next day when i woke up for church, I tried to get out of bed. Since my strain was on my right shoulder, I could not roll right and off my bed. Since my bed is against the left wall, I had to figure out how to get out of bed. So i rolled to the left and pushed myself off the bed to get up without the pain of the strain.

After church, I helped my dad do some garage cleaning, and we threw away a lot of junk, and it’s sitting in front of my driveway right now for the garbage man to throw away.

Then I went and played 3 hours of basketball, and after playing basketball, the pain in my shoulder went away, but my feet felt like they were on fire. My thighs felt like jelly, and my stomach felt stretched beyond normal length. It was a really great game of basketball, and I didn’t feel too bad when i played, because I was in much better shape.

Finally, I woke up at 8:00am to sign up for my classes, I could have done it at 7:00am, but I didn’t want to wake up so early. So right now, I’m taking 16 units.

Introduction to Design
Heat Transfer
Intermediate Dynamics
British literature: Late 18 Century thru Present

Its going to be a heavy load. =(

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