i hate coughing

That’s what I’ve been doing all weekend. And so I can’t study as well. My concentration time is much lower, and i get tired more easily. I’m almost done with my little bottle of nyquil. If only my roommate had told me about airborne, then I might have fought this off earlier.

What sucks is that my roommate is sick also. I was scared that I got him sick, but it turned out that he got sick from his parents. So he got some airborne, and he’s okay. While I’m still here trying to slap stick myself better. I’m not coughing all the times. Just at certain times, when I get a thristy. So I might go 10 hours, then my cough comes back. =(.

I think I will eat that airborne now.


(10 minutes later)
Okay, I just took the airborne, my stupid freshman roommate tired to get me killed. I didn’t really know much about the airborne tablet. And he told me that I was suppose to put it in my mouth, throw water into my mouth, garggle and then swallow. So I did that, but I think i swallowed it when it was too big, because it got caught in my throat. So I felt it stuck right in my throat (standing on its side), so i kept on drinking water. And my freshman roommate is behind me looking on in fear, he says “are you alright?”, because i kept my head up and kept on chugging down water. It didn’t do anything, and then after 1 minute, I somehow spit the tablet back up. My roommate wondered how I spit the tablet back up. Then I put the tablet in water, let it dissolve and drank it. Now my stomach has this fizzing feeling in it.

And my roommate told me that he usuaully swallowed the tablet. Then my other roommate told me, he usually put it in his tea, and then drank it. And he was eating one tablet then also.

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