finals week

It is finals week, and i’m starting to study. Programming my calculator to help me go through fluids quicker. I’m not sure if i’ll be able to do 7 problems in 3 hours, and the teacher always talks about how we should program our calculator so it does thing for us. So i’m taking his advice and doing some programming. I’ve made 4 programs right now to help me find friction, reynolds, and several other things. I just hope my battries don’t die until friday.

I think my roommate has been fighting a cold for a week. I’ve been lucky that i didn’t catch it, i’m not sure how I didn’t catch it becuase i live in the same room as him. We breath the same air. He was sick last tuesday. Maybe, it was because i was doing all that exercise. Or it could be the warm weather outside that helped my body fight it off. I think i must have been getting sick last friday, because when i went to AACF i felt really hot. I was wearing shorts and t-shirt and still sweating at 8:00pm. All i did was walk to aacf.

There’s really not too much to talk about, because all i am doing today is studying. Maybe i’ll go to hte library later. Yesterday, when i went to the library, I decided to go to the 3rd floor, and i assumed that everyone thought like me because levels 1,3,4,5 were crowded. Then i went to the 2nd level and there were a lot of empty spaces compared to the other levels.

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