No, new weight class


Yesterday, I was looking at my weight on my roommates scale. Both of their scales said I was around 135. My eyes dropped because I didn’t think I was that heavy. It must be a mix of both eating a lot in january, and not working out as much. Sad smile 

However, I thought their weights were wrong, so I went and bought my own scale, and voila, it told me I was 135, 10 pounds more than I was in december. Now I am super motivated to workout and lose this fat, and continue to convert it into muscle.

I was walking around sports chalet looking at disc frisbees, and bocce balls today. When I meet up with Doug on thursday we are going to play bocce ball at the adobe art center park. They have a bocce ball court there.

My memory of bocce ball is losing often, especially at the ASHRAE fall kickoff. We got creamed by this group of older ladies, who were playing so seriously.

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