Work, New Job? Mom’s Bday

Today was one of those really interesting days. Most of the days, I go to work, talk to my co-workers and then go home. So it is usually boring to talk about my work.

Anyways, today was different than the rest of those days. One of my co-worker’s decided to quit today. He didn’t come into work on monday/tuesdays, and came in to the office today to write his letter of resignation. I didn’t think he would be that angry to quit today, I thought he would find a job before quitting. However, he had enough of this crap, and just called it quits.

I am super happy for him, because I think he stayed at his company too long without really progressing in his career. He has worked here for 5 years, however I don’t think he has really “moved up” in a career path. If he worked too much longer, he might become pidgeon-holed into his spot. So it is a good move for him, and that is what he realized too. He didn’t see there being a career path at our company. You kind of just ended up at our jobs and stayed there. No real jump to project manager, because that is a totally different beast (it is more like a sales man job instead of project management).

As for me, when I heard my co-worker quit, it got me to start thinking of my time at this company.  I had promised my old boss my career path was to stay at the company for at least 3 years then see how I liked it. However, since my boss left early in january, I have been rethinking about it.

My thoughts on my company is this. The reason my company is so successful is because it is a very “competitive” enviroment for the project managers (they are also salesmen). So it is more like many little companies under one big company, so all the project managers all have their own quota and money. So they don’t really share as much, and have their own agendas, this makes it so that it is a very dog eat dog top. You have to be a little crazy/quirky to do their job. With that, I know that I don’t want to be a project manager at this company. The only other thing to do at this company is be a project engineer, which might be fun, but they seem to be driving all around. Right now, I am at my job because I enjoy learning it and just working with the equipment.

With my co-worker leaving, I am the most “senior” of all the engineers. I have 2.5 years of tenure at this company. The guy that left had 6 years, so I am far behind him.

There is a big dream goal of mine, which is to make toys for kids. However, I am going to try to pursue that through my hobbies. I don’t think I can really get into a good toy company in the bay.


To celebrate my mom’s birthday, my dad and I took her to little sheep hot pot. That place has really good meat, it is on the pricey side. 21.99 for mon-thurs all you can eat deal.

It is really nice eating with my parents, which I do mon-wed. I have friends that are jealous, because my parents live 1/2 a mile away from my house, so I drop by their place to eat.


For some reason, I am writing all this listening to bon jovi music. I just hear “have a nice day”. Smile

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