No bum in me

So, I’ve been unemployed for almost 4 months.  I’m still looking and I’ve had some interviews. I thought my best chance was at northrop grumman, but I think they just interviewed me, because my friend Jason said that most likely somebody must have known a person inside. So they got in that way, and they just have to go through the process of interviewing at least 3 candidates.

I’m not too worried about not finding, because I trust that God will provide me a job, unless he wants me to be retired already. My favorite part was on tuesday, after i found out I didn’t get the Northrop Grumman job, I emailed uncle Thomas my resume, because he knew someone at Teecom. And they called me back one hour later to set up an interview next friday the 13th.  However, I’ve sent out several more resumes to more companies, and still have the goverment jobs lurking in the background (hoping that maybe they will have an opening for me). I think Tim
also said the company he’s working at might have an opening, because his boss had come talk to him about my resume.  He said that one of his co-workers is transferring. 

     As for my job search, in my mind I know what jobs/companies i would not want to work for. First of all, I don’t think I ever want to work for the semiconductor industry again. That industry is bend over head over heel, or as my former coworker said “rollarcoaster”, where there is either too much work, or too little work. And I don’t like the idea of “sacrificing my whole life and body for the company”, which I did for essentially 3-4 months during the peak time, because i couldn’t schedule anything because there was just too much stuff to do.

   Also, I’m concentrating more on jobs that are of mechanical engineering. No more manufacturing engineer jobs for me, because manufacturing engineers is essentially just physically building and rebuilding the machines. I like more of a 50/50 approach (design/build), because I like CAD drawings, and doing a lot of computer work (my skills).

   Now for the rest of my life, My body is getting back into good shape. My weight has level back down 7 pounds (not water weight), and I think I’ve lost a little bit of the buldge I got from eating hawaian BBQ once a week at work. I’ve been doing mostly running, and exercising with my weights, exercise ball, and the perfect pushup. I think the only reason i like the perfect pushup is because when i work out, I think “i’m going to be as fit as a navy seal”.

   Oh, yeah. I’m been reworking on my gameplan on teaching sunday school to the 3rd-4th graders. They are a talkative bunch, but don’t really talk loud. When I have them answer questions, I have a hard time hearing them.   So, I’m trying to come up with a way to make it so they pay attention. Someone told me to give them candy, but I don’t really want to do that. The only reason, is because since i’m only subsituting I don’t want the next sunday school teacher to have a harder problem with the kids going “our last teacher gave us candy”.
But I talked to the Kids, and it looks like they want to be really active. They want to do skits of the Bible Story as they said their previous sunday school teacher did that. I guess that will work, so I might have to make it happen. The hard part will be trying to make sure the students get the main idea of what they are doing. I wonder if I drew pictures like they did in the story books the kids would be more interested. Draw the images Manga Style on paper and do the thing where you tell the story. 

   We will find out, I’m going to finish up my toning now.

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