first day of work

Today was my first day of work at SemiCat. They must be about finished moving into the new building because they had a sign on the window when i arrived at work today, unlike when i went in for my interview.

  I was kind of excited because I really didn’t know what to expect. They were so busy today when i got there. I think i fill out my papers in several days. I got a nice cubicle near the front of the building, and have a lot of space in there. It took them around  6 hours, before they were able to finish building my cubicle (shelves), and computer. But I barely sit in my cubicle anyways except to come and check if i have any email. I wonder why my number and email address will be, but i’ll tell you when i find out.

  There are around 20 total people in the company, and I was able to eventually meet all of them. Half of the people are young like me (20’s), and the other half are around my parents age or a little younger than that. They hired 3 new engineers (one will start next week), so i was able to meet the other guy (he was a mechanical engineer from UCSB) who i’m currently working with on some inventory stuff in the storage room (the only time i will ever get to touch all the stuff there) , because the people are about to finish building a machine, and can’t really teach us anything until they start a new one. So we will have around two weeks to get use to working for the company, and see where all the equipment will be stored.

   What i found interesting was the stuff in the fridge. One of the females, goes and stocks up the fridge with drinks and food. So when everyone had their break at 4:30, we were eating a lot of stuff. I looked in the refrigerator and it reminded me of my college fridge. Bagel bites, corn dogs, frozen food, soda, beer. There was a lot of snacks in the cupboard also.

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