Time to accomplish some sidetasks

So I’ll throw up some last pictures from the field. Just for your visual enjoyment.


There is a door. The locks in the building are working so I can’t open the door without a badge. However, I don’t have a badge, so how do I get through the door. See that little opening to the right of the door? I just slide underneath bar inside. I have to take off my hard hat or else I won’t make it through.


Now more pictures.


Landscaping picture


Then a chiller picture.

So as I was doing work on the field workstation, it occured to me that I have a lot of stuff I want to get accomplish now that I don’t have a test to study for. So here is my list of what i want to make in the next month.

1) Make the engineering team t-shirt logo
2) Move all the Old Graceland files into a zip file.
3) Make my blanklab logo into a vector drawing, so i can make my videos look even more well polished
4) Make my random smartphone application (that might just be a dream)
5) Get at least 4 stagetricks completly learned.

Then i think i will have accomplished my spring goals.

Time to finish reading these books I have lying around. I have this one book on church leadership called “the monkey and the fish”, it is a really interesting read, but I only got 3/4 through before I had to stop and just study for the PE test. So I will finish reading it tonight.

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