NFL Streetstyle

I have some good stories today. First one is the game of football I played after church. It felt like a EA street style football game. We were playing 5 on 5, tackle football. It was Tim Lowe and 3 other guys (I know their name, but people reading this might not), and Garrett and his 3 guys, and Allison on the other). It was tackle football, and two hand touch for Allison.

What do you think the game went like? Let me give more information, a lot of the guys I was playing with are fast. So the first 8-10 plays, were all touchdowns. The reason it was like that was because we have the lateral going. One guy would almost get tackled to the ground and he laterals it back. Then the other guy would get sprung. Eventually, we changed it so there was no rusher, and after 7 alligators the qb will be sacked automatically. The game was much better then, it took 4 plays to score after.

Now, I have 2 watercolor pictures I’m going to make for 2 people. So I hope Josh likes his picture. Its a gift, and if I die, it might be worth money.

My dad was teaching me some cooking techniques. So I think I will be really good cook this year, so everyone can come over to mi casa.

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