couple of pennies

Everyone knows I live a very plain life. What did I do today? I didn’t just sit around and relax, I had to babysit. So I had to pick up my cousins from the clubhouse, because Bob Baptiste realter (or as Vinesh’s Dad calls him Bob the Baptizer) was having a free ice cream give day for kids.
So I pick up Zoe and Phoebe from there. I saw the ice cream truck, and I thought it reminded me of the ninja turtles van, it was green, and had an ad for ATI on it.

I started cleaning up my room, because I have to move stuff down friday. I got Edris to come along, he’s there mostly to keep me awake on the trip. Maybe we will do something interesting, but its going to be iffy, if we are not tired from our drive.

Chatted with my neighbors the Bartholomew’s today. Haven’t talked to them in so long, they have a new dog and they named it buddy. It reminds me of Wesley’s dog “ducky” because it kept on jumping and putting its paw on me. For some reason, it felt like it was trying to eat my hand, because when I was turning my head away, I noticed that my hand was inside its mouth. I was helping the neighbor fix their router.

I saw Pastor Pat today at the playground. He had brought his little kids over to play at the playground. I was bringing the girls there to let them play to their hearts content.

I have to watch those kids carefully, because I come out and I see food everywhere, they rummaged through the whole cubboard. With their very picky taste’s.

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