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On monday, I didn’t have a lab partner for my design project so I went around looking for one. So my old lab partner told me that he had found someone in the other lab who didn’t have a partner and was looking for one. So he gave that guy my phone number, and told that guy to call me. So that was during the weekend. And this dude has not called me for 5 days. Its not that he doesn’t have my phone number, because my old lab partner asked him several times if he would call me. So I know this guy has my phone number, and didn’t call me. So I had to go around, and I found two of my friends and asked if i could join either one of their groups, and they said okay. So whoever that guy out there, you better not call me now.

Anyways, today was really hot. Much hotter then yesterday, it was around 94. So my walk from one half of the campus to the other, ended up with me sweaty and tired by the time I reached the UU to meet my classmate to do homework. I had also gone to the ASME bbq around noontime for free hamburgers. They had set up a volleyball net, but I don’t think anyone wanted to play because it was so hot. Usually during the other days, people would be sitting everywhere on the grass, but today, everyone was sitting in the grass in the shade.

I now know what type of computer I want to buy next. I was talking to Evan, and he was telling me how he was using this cad program called catia during his internship at Goodridch. And he was telling me how you need 2 gigs of ram, and a 1,500 dollar video card like Quadro fx3000 (which has , and pentium d to run the program. And he said even then, when you put 8 parts together the program would go really slow.

Finally, in garden grill, I sat there grilling shrimp and bell peppers. It was really hot in there, I had my thermometer on, and it read 103 in my breastpocket. The heat would rise up, and hit my hat and go to my eyes, so my eyes got really moist, and it looked like i was crying when I was cooking. Then after doing that for 1 and a half hour, I literally chilled out in the F storage room, which is maintained at 32 degrees, and there is also another door inside that leads to a 0 degree storage room.

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