I really enjoy cooking

If i have the time that is. Its fun cooking, and being cooking with with whatever I have. I never really know how it will turn out. But I can kind of guess the outcome.

Hmm, I’m sitting here doing things like homework, and I was thinking about what I did in the morning. I woke up, and did some reading while my roommate was still asleep, and then we went to church. Then it has occurred to me, I always wake up before my roommate, I have never seen him wake up earlier then me.

Also, in the morning I went to check on my roommate, because freshman do idiotic things. And that guy we picked deicded that he could hold a lot of liquor. And I was doing homework last night when someone brought him back to our place and he went upstairs. He was so out of it, I went to see what he was doing. There he was sitting down drinking chocolate milk. I told him to get up and drink water and eat bread. He kept on asking me the same questions every 5 minutes. And kept on trying to tell me that he was only a little drunk. I could not help but laugh. Then I made him a very thick instant oatmeal, I was thinking that the oatmeal should soak up a lot of the alcohol. Lucky for us, the next morning he didn’t throw up. Anyways, off of him, and how he likes to asks me questions all the time.

We had lunch at Margie’s diner, and I’ve never seen anyone order a salad at margie’s. But Ivan was on a semi diet so he ordered a grilled chicken salad, when it came, it looked like they just took out the whole garden to make the salad. It had enough to feed 5 people. It’s the only place, where I can’t finish all the food, and that’s saying a lot. I had a meat lovers omelette, and it felt like somebody killed a whole cow and somehow stuffed it all into the omelette. There were a lot of freshman with us, because Ivan takes care of the underclassmen.

Okay, back to cooking. I decided to cook dinner for Darrell and my roommate Marc (why didn’t I cook for my other roommate the freshman bryan? I’m not sure, but my gut feeling from talking to him was that he didn’t really like chinese food, and only liked hot dogs and hamburger. And he wasn’t there also, and I had helped make him food the night before, so he used up his meal pass. I think he must respect/look up to me, if he keeps on asking me a lot of questions.

Finally, the sororities across the street are setting up for the end of their rush week, because I hear two competing sororites doing cheers, and earlier this day as I was watching football, I looked out the window. And I saw 35 sorority girls all wearing pink shirts and a long white skirts come out of their sorority house and do a cheer, and then it looked like they were picking the girls that would join their soorority. I only watched for 1 minute, because it was really boring. I think there were two rounds or picks, because I saw half as many girls later when the sorority did hte same thing. Now I would feel sorry for all those people who didn’t make it into the sorority.

I want to say something nice about my roommate. He’s cool, and opposite of me. He likes to do his devotions before he goes to sleep, while I like to do my devotions right when I wake up. And he has a lot of those improving your Christian walk books, and I borrow them when he finishes reading them. I’ll borrow “Desiring God” John Piper, after he finishes reading it.

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