fun with tumbling

When I play sports I like to fly and tumble. I think Alby wants to start a AACF softball intramural team. But the only problem is that not a lot of people at AACF like to play softball/baseball. So its going to be a little hard to get them to play. Most of them just play basketball, so on Saturday. I had a choice of either playing some baseball or watch Evan Keech edit a model on Catia. It was a no brainer, I went to play baseball. It was only Alby, Mats, Marc and I there. So we just played hitting and shagging balls.

We were playing on the field with the 270 feet fence. And were trying to see who could hit the ball over the fence. I could not hit the ball well with Marc throwing. He kept on jamming me in because he was trying to throw correctly. This caused his throws to be erradict, and also drop before it reached the plate. So I ended up hitting a lot of low line drives that would barely go over a ss’s head. And the balls I could hit were always in on the metal bat, because I don’t turn fast enough, and I ended up with a blister on my left index finger so I couldn’t hit anymore.

So anyways, the fun part of baseball is flying through the air to catch balls. Alby and I almost crashed into each other, because I thought he was going to pick up a ball. So this ball went between us, and i ran all the way to catch it, and I don’t see him at all. I just saw a shadow slide under me, and something else hit my glove as I run. Then I see alby, he had gone into a slide behind me, going in the opposite direction. Then it got really interesting, then the hits were going really close to me but just out of my reach. So I had to do all those running diving catches. I think that’s the only time where its fun just going airborne. Because I land on my belly, and I just lay out to catch the ball. It just gets kind of painful when I went for one ball, and I dove and did a somersaut, and during the somersaut the ball flew out of my glove, because my glove hit my leg. Then my thighs felt really bad, because I had played basketball the night before.

I think I might play intramural volleyball with Marc. Or I might just pop my head up. But I think our whole AACF intramural volleyball team will be full of defense specialist.

Oh yeah, and my 1 week roommate Tom still needs a place. And after talking to Marc, Marc decided that we can let him come and stay in the closet. We don’t know how he will do it, but I am really interested in seeing how he fits into the storage closet.

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