Where am I living

I have no idea where I’m going to be living fall quarter. I called foothill gardens and they had filled up, even though I had my application in fairly early (since the end of July). So I’m all confused what happened there. But nevertheless, I had to scramble around and try to find new places now.

During break, and lunch, I looked up places on the internet. So I found a few, so I go and call Chris K. but he wasn’t there. Then I call Evan K., but he wasn’t ther, I then get a hold of Johnny. And he helps me look at one place and picks up an application for me. That place is really far, at the other side of San Luis Obispo. So I hope we can find a closer place.

Then Evan calls me back, and gives me a number to one place. And I have to talk to marc about that. But most likely i won’t go for it, because I don’t want to leave Marc out in the cold. Then I started looking through the classifieds on the San Luis Tribune (online). So Chris is so nice, he’s going to call those two places tomorrow, and look at them for me. I’m not sure what I should do thank him for it, because he doesn’t want my money. I’ll think of something to get him that shows thought and could potentially be useful.

I learned today that tomato seeds are really hard. One of the engineeres was telling me how the tomato seeds go through the whole waste water treatment cycle and do not get destroyed. Though the chlorination, bacteria eating, heating, drying, and it then sprouts in the sludge landfill.

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