Navy Pier


There was the fireworks barge, I wish I could sit on one to watch them launch fireworks. I had a chance once, but I was busy that weekend. Sad smile


There is some weird looking artifact, as I am walking up to navy pier. On wednesday in the summer they have fireworks. That was why I went here tonight.


It reminds me more of a pier 39 in terms of what I see, but reminds me a lot of santa cruz beach boardwalk because of the shows. So I went to the back to drink while I waited from my friend to show up.

There was a beer garden that had a band called “”Rod Tuffcurls, and the benchpress”. Those guys are a pretty sweet coverband, they all wore shortshorts, and did a lot of two songs medley.



As for the beer that is popular in chicago, it was goose island.


My favorite was how the band introduce songs. They went “want to hear the batman song?” Then they started to play “kiss from a rose” by seal. They also did a medley of Hava Nagila and “I would be (500 miles)” by the proclaimers. I liked how those guys did the running man while playing on stage.


A lot of people danced with the band.



It was really awesome show, to top 90’s/2000’s musics. I enjoyed it a lot.

After that, my friend and I went to eat at a japanese restaurant that was opened at midnight. I found out people in chicago use groupon often. We got a groupon deal for the food. Overall, the food over there was not that good, but for the price we got it for, it was good. Smile

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