The Bean



I walked from the field museum to the Bean in Millenium park. A nice long walk with my phone playing music. Smile


They have this water fountain that is on the way there. It shoots high up in the air, I think it was called buckingham fountain. It was shooting water 40 feet high, and then it stops.


There was more parks, as I walked to the bean.


There is this pretty cool spot near the water that I sat down at just watching


I get to the bean, I’m not really sure what it is for. hahahaha, it looks okay, but it seems like something they put up for people to come to the middle. It was really fun finding someone to help me take a picture, a couple with kids. Had them help me back after I took pictures for them. Smile


Then I meandered around, until it was time to go to navy pier.P5290266

I started walking and got stuck 3 stories high, so I just followed this one guy who seemed to know where to go. I took the elevator down and ended up right here street side. Now the goal was to get across the river to the other side.



Here is the bridge, and what I can see across, navy pier is that really small thing over the bridge on the left side.

Now my phone batteries were running low, and I needed to go to the restroom. So I walked into a hotel, found a spot and sat there for for 45 minutes while I was waiting for my phone to charge. Smile It was important that I waited there because the next thing that happened was awesome.

If you saw on that picture above, there is a walkway on the left. When I left the hotel at around 6:45, I started to walk down that area. I walked around 15 minutes before I got to a street corner. It was weird because there was a cop at the corner moving this car out of the way, or stopping it. I continue walking a little farther and see that I have a dead end ahead of me.

So I make my way back to that intersection and start walking up the street. As I start walking up, I see there is a police helicopter above, and policemen 1/2 a mile away blocking more things off. As I continue to walk up the street, I get to the end of one block, and to the left there is a barrier set up 300 feet away with media and photographers all over there taking pictures. Now I am worried that there is a manhunt in this area. As I continue to walk down this street, there is absolutely nobody around me.

There was also one last straggling car, and all these cops surround the car and started speaking in the car loudspeaker “drive out of here now, get out of here”. Scared the crap out of the driver and he drove away with 4 cops car escorting him. Eventually, on these street, there were cops at the end and only me walking down the street by myself, and no one else.

Then I see 5 escalades zoom past down the street, in the first car, I see an army force guy with a gun, and he was looking at me the whole time. Then it made me wonder how many snipers they had trained on me. Smile Also, I am thinking “President Obama knows what I look like”. 🙂

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