my roommate is a cool dude

So I usually talk to him just before i go to sleep. So we always end up with interesting conversations. Last night we ended up talking about his psychology teacher. That guy is really cool, just by reading several things on a sheet of paper he could describe a person’s interest. My roommate was joking how he didnt’ want to raise his hand and have the teacher tell things about him. Joking how the teacher might say “your roommate better watch out because you might kill him”. That kind of stuff. What’s really interesting is that I seem to intiate conversation out of the blue, and somehow, my roommate Marc has had that occurred to him.

I played some Lord of the Rings on the X-box yesterday, after watching Lord of the Rings with my roommate. It was really fun, and i played too long on it. While my other roommate was working, and other 2 were watching tv. But I feel like the odd ball out because 2 of my roommates don’t have classes on Friday, so they stay up later then me. I go to sleep at around 11-12:00 while Marc goes to bed something later. I think 1-2am. He says, I fall into sleep fast, because after several minutes he hears my deep sleep breathing.

It turns around in the morning, becuase i’m usually up, and he’s asleep.

While I was talking to Marc, I was thinking wouldn’t it be cool to have a fansite. So i asked him if he had a fan site, and he said no. I then told him, I”ll make a fansite for you, and he was “No thanks, why don’t you make one of yourself, and pretend to be someone else.”. I’m still thinking about that. What i really want is his t-shirt. I was telling him last quarter i want to make t-shirts. Durning Christmas Break, he used my idea and made T-shirts as his Christmas present to some of hte guys at his church. I looked at the picture, and it was his face grinning. He told me how he helps with the youth, and during one of hte youth group meetings. All the kids he had given his shirt to, all wore it that day. =).

My fluids teacher is funny, or psychotic. My classmate says the teacher reminds him of Anthony Hopkins. We sit in class and he teaches. Then he makes a joke, pauses a moment and then laughs, and he laughs like a villian. Smiles at everyone while he laughs through his teeth.

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