walking back from class.

I had an interesting time in antrhopology class today. We were watching a video about language. We were watching about how people have different accents speaking english. The southerners, the new yorkers and other ones. Itwas funny, because in pittsburg they call a rubberband, gumband. In Rhode Island they call a milkshake, “cabinet”. Then in new york, schlep means to carry. There were all these other ones.

What was funny was that i was walking back from class. I was walking next to the business building. And there is a road next to the business building, its not a main roach,but just a small road that leads to the buidlings loading place. So a car drove up, and was stopped to pick up his friend. So the guy stopped his car and was 3 feet from the curb, so his friend was walking off the steps and going to the car. Just as the guy stepped onto the road, a bicyclist was riding through the little area inbetween, and tried to stop. But he didn’t stop in time, and rammed into the guy. The only good thing was that he was able to slow himself to the point where the other guy was able to grab his bike and stop his momentum as the wheel went between his legs. It was funny, the guy wasn’t injured at all.

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