my small birthday party

So my parents threw me a small party. I invited 5 people, but only 3 of them were able to show up. It was a really fun party.

Alvin showed up first at 6:00. Then at 7:00 vinesh and edris showed up, the little party started at 6:00. Haha, it was funny when vinesh and edris showed up. I thought they would assume that they would eat dinner at my house. But they showed up already eaten something. So I forced them to eat a little bit. Haha.

My parents made spaghetti, chinese chicken salad, chicken, biscuits, and pot stickers. It was a really big feast. I didn’t touch the chicken at all, because i was too busy eating everything else.

After doing that, we had game time. My parents made some games. So we started off with the questionaire, and Edris won that by half a point over vinesh. Edris was close to guessing that my favorite comic strip was Hagar the Horrible, but edris eliminated it down to Hagar and Foxtrot, but they all decided taht Hagar was too mean spirited, so chose foxtrot. The other funny question was the, how many sheets of toilet paper do you use. Vinesh said 10, Edris said 10, and vinesh said 12. I didn’t really know, how much i use, so i ran to hte restroom and grabbed a sheet of toilet paper. It looks like I used 8. because we counted.

We then had a drawing game. We started getting very technical with our answers. For one picture, it was a picture of a circus. And teh only letters we could draw were I and J. So it ended up Alvin had a Juggler jugling juice, on top of an Isuzu. Edris had a joker suffering from jaunice. on a jump rope, that was at an isoceles angle. I had the jewish conductor with irises, using and ice pick to pick ice, while holding juice in his other hand.

Then we played some darts. My dad just destroyed all of us, he was a sharp shooter and got 2 bullseyes in a row. Destroyed us all. Then we had a giant battle in battledome. The balls were flying everywhere, and vinesh saved up 5 balls and shot it right at me. Too bad, i don’t have crossfire anymore. That game would have been just as fun, but battledome is like advance crossfire. =)

I opened up my presents. Edris and Vinesh were telling me of their travails across vast lands to try to find me a Joe Rokococo jersey. They went to berkeley, Nike town, but couldn’t find it. So i ended up with aqua teen vol. 3.

For my birthday wish, i wished for Joe Rokococo superpowers. =). But i accidently told everyone before i wished it, so i had to wish for something else.


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