My butt hurts

Today was a pretty busy day for what I was anticipating to be a slow day. The new youth minister Dennis got a new road bike 2 weeks ago, and has been trying to find time to test it out. So we decided to go riding today on the iron horse trail, to go from pleasanton Bart Station to Danville (I was aiming for around a 25 miles round trip ride).

I am still driving my corolla fomr college. It is much cleaner than it was in college, because I was once had a date, so I paid some guy who was cleaning the company trucks money to do interior detailing of my car. Whatever that guy did, he took out 10 years of junk and dirt in my car. =)

My bike is the blue “Giant” Bike that is hanging upside down. I learned to put my bike like that and not lean it against something if I’m not going to be standing by it for a while. The last time I had it standing next to my car, somehow it tipped over and fell down. =( scratched my wheels (aww the price that comes with paying good money for a something)

The only bad thing about biking is that after coming back from a semi-long ride, my butt is sore from where i sat on the seat. It is worse than when I did my lab projects and sat on a cinderblock for 8 hours. From sitting on a cinderblock, my butt was only numb, but from my bike my butt is sore and feels bruised.

We did drop by the farmers market in Danville, and tried some of the nuts and whatever was being offered. It must have been interesting seeing me in my Cal Poly Jersey, and Dennis in his Texas Jersey and helmet walking around. I had my cleats on so you hear this click/clack as I’m walking. I felt like I was wearing reverse high heels, with the cleat part being on the front “ball” of my feet”. As for the above picture, I just liked how the guy made a sign that said it was udderly great.

For lunch today, I walked into the Taqueria near church because there was a Graceland meeting for the retreat. Like always, my eyes were larger than my stomach so I got 2 fish tacos and carne asada fries (Dustin had told me if i ever go to SD to go to this one place for carne asada frieds). So I walk in and i’m eating that, and share some fries with Dustin. He didn’t want it at first. However it was a lot, so I cut my plastic box in half and put some fries on the other side, and 45 minutes later, Dustin gave in and had some fries. =)

And I also get to be in charge of setting up some of the games for retreat. So I have to go aroudn now and try to figure that out. Thank goodness for the internet, i’m not sure how people did it back then when I was in middle school. I guess that is why there are people out there called “events coordinators”. =)

Finally, I really do like my smartphone. I tried not to get one for a while, but then I found out how useful it is when I randomly drive around to new places. So I can bring up the internet and find a place close by to eat or check to see if I am on track. I actually had to drive all the way to cupertino today to pick up some sharks tickets I bought. Its a long drive, I actually took a nap inside a business complex because my body was just tiring out at around 3:30 when i was driving. Thank goodness for the gps on the phone that told me I was right in front of the house. What was interesting when I went to the guys house, i had no idea what he looked like or who he was. At first his dad opened the door, and his sister comes by and says “do you want to come in?”. I really wanted to come in and sit down, but I had never met this guy and all i knew about him from the phone was that he would sell me the tickets. So I declined and stood at the door for 5 minutes (that’s when I regreted not coming in)

Last thing on my mind, as I was talking to Kristina and Diana at chruch, I started really thinking “wow, the people at the church are much different than when I was growing up as a kid.”. No one my age that I grew up with still attends the same chruch as me. Which made me think of myself as an endangered species at chruch. I actually have a lot of links to the older people in the congregation, a lot of them still remember me from my childhood, and would come and talk to me. Now they always like to ask about my work, do i have a girlfriend, and other things in my life. But its really nice that they don’t ask me about how my parents are doing, because I really don’t know what to say besides “good”. Anyway, the thing that I was thinking about was how the people that I did grow up in the church with, we turn out to be much more hugging, interesting sense of humor than a lot of the people that became members of the chruch after college (sidenote: I never had to take the church membership class =) ). But some of the things that I grew up in the chruch doing that seemed normal, turned out to be really weird to them.

Somehow this segways up to a discussion once about a prayer I had given for food. Lets say I had already prayed 2 pretty serious prayers times within that 15 minute span, and I didn’t really want to say too much for food. Just wanted to keep it simple, and I ended up praying one of the phrases I had learned as a kid ” God is great, God is Good, Thank you for the food, Amen”, then a person said “that’s not a prayer”, and I looked at the person and went “it is a prayer”. So I said several other prayers I had done as a kid before, and they kept on saying “that’s not a prayer”. According to Dustin, he said he counted 5 prayers that night I had made for the food ( Extra blessed food that night). As for the person that kept on saying “that wasn’t a prayer to God”, I think they finally understood where I was coming from. As a kid I was always scared at praying out loud, would not be sure what to say so I would have really short prayers to God, or recite phrases like “Oh, the Lord is good to me, I like to thank the Lord, for blessing me and watching me, and meeting all my needs. Amen”. That was my spat with my friend at chruch I guess who did not grow up in the church, so I think they assumed that all prayers had to be of a certain style. While my thoughts on prayer is that it is an open communication between you and God.

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