What I eat for lunch.

I guess no one really knows what I eat for lunch. So I will devote today’s blog about what I eat. It will be really funny.

So I’ve been taking inventory of what I eat for lunch, and a lot of the stuff I eat is not that healthy for me. It will start getting me into the wrong shape, “round”.

But today for lunch I had BBQ from Dickey’s BBQ Pit. Wow, I love meat, its between that and a Kinders Ball Tip Sandwich. But going back to what I eat, I usually have 5 go to meals


  • Jack in the Box – 2 Tacos and a Chicken Teriyaki Bowl – The best thing about this is that I was once calling Edris during lunch time (he was in St. Louis). I was driving into Jack in the Box, and when he picked up his phone, he was at Jack in the Box ordering 2 tacos and Chicken Teriyaki Bowl. So I ordered the exact same thing, and we had the same food 2 time zones away. =)
  • Carl’s Jr, or Burger King sandwich, with a regular size Jamba Juice (That was a regular staple of college). I would go to jamba juice but always craving a hamburger while drinking that to make it a full meal.
  • Then there is a the obligatory mexican places I go to, either Mexico Lindo or El Balazo. I love the taco salad, chimichangas, or fish tacos.
  • The falafel place, I love eating the kebabs, hummus, and falafels.

So that is me talking about what I eat for lunch. What I’ve also noticed is that I picked up a lot of interesting habits from college when I buy food. If I can, I usually might buy extra food if I am going to be seeing friends after I eat. Just like in college during lunch, while if i was driving by Burger King, I would buy 10 rodeo cheeseburgers, because I would usally have friends at school who were hungry. So it has moved over into working life also. So on sundays, I might get some breakfast from Micky D’s, so I end up gettting an extra sandwich or two, and bring it to service. Usually DBo will eat it and i can get someone else to take a sandwich, however if they don’t, I always know there are the teenage boys who eat anything I give them. =)

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