Monday Run

So last night before I went to bed i was looking at my blog from my android. Then I noticed that I should get that plugin to make it compatible with a mobile phone. So I did that, and looked at it again and noticed that my stuff doesn’t look correct. This morning during lunchtime at work I was looking to see if there was a better blog publisher than the one i used for so long that I didn’t know it was not updated since 2007. the w.bloggar tool, so I’m using Blogdesk tool.

Today I go into the office and everyone is talking about their march madness bracket. Mine is still somewhat intact except for the East division where I got destroyed. IMAG0088

So today I decided to play a prank on the IT guys, because it was monday. They usually mess up my computer while they are trying to fix it for me. When I say fix, more like put updates onto my computers. To get back at them I do this.


Yup, that’s what I do. Then I just turn the mouse over and let them have their fun trying to figure out why everything works except for their mouse not moving.

Today, I decided to try go for a run and see if I have any more stamina added from beachbody insanity. I guess i’m still a far ways from my x-country days and a half marathon speed. Did only 2.5 miles, and I got beat up the hill by an older man, he was huffing it up the hill. My 17 year old self was sad when I saw that happen. So I’m going to bust my tail when I run to beat him.

Here were some pictures that I took before I ran, and I did take one in the middle while I was doing some quick stretching.

down the hill i go

during summer I call this the “secret garden” path, which goes between the houses. It is so cool, because I always think there is a really cool garden at the end of the path. However, it is just a street. =P

I saw a pretty cloud when I was doing some extra stretching on this street. If you can figure out what street I’m on, I’ll buy you a sandwich.

So that was today’s early early post. I guess I’ll drop a magic trick along the way too.

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