My Saturday and Sunday

My weekend was awesome, actually it was AWWsome. That’s right, it was A.W.W great (just like my initials). Now I can use that one joke at work at work. The PM that sits next to me, his last name is “White”. So my co-workers and I have that one joke, “It is either the Wong way or the White way”. =), usually you want to be doing it the Wong way, because its works better, trust me ;).

So on saturday morning, I woke up nice and early to get some Professional Engineering studying done. Oh my, i cranked through almost 2/3 of the morning practice exam. It was pretty tough wanting to do it, because I found it really boring. Need to get my mind disciplined to stay focused.

And after that lovely test, I sat around and wailed on my guitar. (like the real ultimate power, if you get the reference). I really like remixes, so I was sitting there playing different songs seeing if i could jump from one songs chorus to another. I was doing it for some worship songs, because they are all only 4 chords. So it was interesting seeing how all the songs could sound the same if I didn’t sing along. Especially if all I was playing was rhythm.

After that, I went to hayward Bart to pick up Kaley!. What was funny, I remember I had to pick up a friend once for church at the hayward bart station. I had parked in the parking lot side, so I was wondering why i didn’t see him. He was standing on the other side, on the street side. So I walked over there and found him. So this time I went to the street side, because I think everyone automatically walks that way if they don’t have a car.

We went to a benefit concert for Kaley’s friend Karina and her son Paulo fundraising for New York City. It was interesting, because it was really nicely decorated and kind of a mix between a little recital/concert. There was a girl that sung, another that played a guitar and sung. Then the music teacher did a lot of playing. I ate a lot of starbursts during that show too. =), I think if i was ever mugged, and the guy asked for money, candy would be falling out of my pocket as I was going for my wallet. Also at the concert they were promoting organization.
We had to leave it a little early because they went overtime by a lot. i think they ended at 5:45, when we were expecting around 5.

We then went to San Jose, it was so windy driving, I was wondeing if there was something wrong with my car. My hands eventually had a death grip on the wheel after a couple of strong guests made me flinch on the wheel. Then we had a nice quick dinner at La Pinata. We both got enchilada’s a la carte, jalapeno poppers and a beer. It was a filling meal especially after all the chips we ate waiting for our food.

It was so windy and rainy going to the stadium. My shoes and lower part of my pants were wet and so were kaley’s. I gave her my jacket to help her warm back up her legs.

Overall, it was a really good game the sharks played. they scored 3 goals in almost 5 minutes in the first period. So I knew they were going to beat the Blues. So here are some pictures.
Game play footage
Yay, the sharks scored and the shark head is smoking
Kaley smiling
Hahah, sharkie as a comic book hero. Makes me want to make one about myself.

That drive back was a nasty drive, i just saw lights and water all over my window. What was funny, in my mind I have a skewed time frame for a drive from CV to SF. I think its from my friends, they made it sound like driving to SF is so close, so whenever we drive, ( I think we split most of the driving, so I’ve driven out there many times) I think its short. I actually just looked at a map,, and it is not 15 minutes, as I think in my mind. More like 30 minutes (I guess i must be flying through the freeway especially at night).

Today at church they had the Jews for Jesus presentation. Our speaker was Abrahm Abrahmson, i think he’s come the past 3 years near easter, and he talks about passover and what the traditions are. The funny thing at chruch now is whenever someone mentions “magic trick” everyone likes to look at me. =) So he was pulling out a matza bag, and he goes “i’m not doing a magic trick or antyhing, i’m just pulling out unleaven bread from this pouch”. Then pastor Josh was looking for me, and valene and dustin next to me gave me the look. Hahahaha.

Finally, I had accountability with Doug, It was so funny because he was looking at my phone and was taking a picture of me. Then I didn’t know he had uploaded a picture of me to facebook. So I went home and looked at facebook and went “ooh, what is this?’ Now everyone is going to think i’m narcisstic becuase i took a picture of myself and wrote “Andrew” on it. =) hahahahaha

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