quarter starts

I am starting to get into the grove of things at college now. I have 16 units, but 2 of them look to be only lab intensive with hardly any tests. Thank goodness for 400 ME classes and senior design. The only hard class might be controls.

I’ve been looking over the projects that I can choose for in my senior design class. There are some crazy hard projects in there, so I’m not going to get close to those. Some guy wants to make an inexpensive rover that can land on the moon, and a spacesuit for suborbital flight. Those projects look fun but might be so complex that it takes too much time, and I don’t want to spend “time” that I don’t have to work on a project that is too long.

The nice thing about my schedule this quarter is that I don’t have to wake up at 6:00am anymore. I get to wake up at 8 for my 9 o’clock class. Woohoo for not having to wake up early, and still sleeping at the same time.

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