little kids have more energy then me

That’s true. Time for the recap of my weekend outside.

Friday, Edris came over because he didn’t wanted to just relax that one day before taking his MCAT the next day. So he came by to my house and we went to Berkeley. First, we wanted to go to cheeseboard but it closes from 2-4, so we ended up at Barney’s.

Inside Barney’s we ended up sitting on this small table inbetween two tables. Then Edris was talking about how he was only getting a 32 on the practice MCAT, and wondered how people with 27 on their score could make it anywhere. It must have made this lady to my right, who was talking to someone else. I just heard her say MCAT, but Edris and I noticed that she looked over at his burger a lot. Or at our table. Then to my left, there was this very young couple, the lady looked like she was a little older then our age, and had two girls, 4 and 6. They were very cute, but kept on looking at me while i was eating. For some reason I have this sixth sense when someone is staring intently at me. So i always kept on darting my eyes up, and Edris thought I was giving the lady an evil eye. For some reason, I make weird choices in food selection, Edris got a guacamole burger while I got the popeye burger. And the spinich tasted like nothing, and I didn’t feel any stronger after eating it.

Then we went to edris’s house to find his baseball bat, but we couldn’t find it. And he had to fight off his dog from coming into the garage and trying to bite me. So eventually we played baseball with my hockey stick wooden shaft. I had taken off the blade because it was too thin. When you play near the playground, all the kids would eventually come by and just sit on the grass and watch us hit and throw the ball. Then we encourage the kids to go pick up our balls so we didn’t have to do any work.

Then saturday was more mudane, because I didn’t have to excert as much effort to do stuff that day. I just had dim sum with my grandparents. Then I helped them fix their hose and wash their stove air vent, very dirty stuff, my hands felt like putty after using the metal cleaning thing. Then I had to go to my aunt’s house after that and help her watch her little girls. At her house, I helped her set up her network, and there is one thing i hate about computers, and its how things don’t work unless you set it up in the right sequence of events. So it took me 2 hours to get the router to work, because she had lost her manual for her router and I just had to set things up manually. Then the girls would come in and ask me to help them set up the dvd to watch their Brazt dvd. During the time I was setting up the computer network, I kept on seeing Zoe walk around talking to her imaginary friend. And it reminded me of foster homes for imaginary friends. For some reason, its really interesting watching kids talk to their “imagainary” friends, because they carry on a 30 minutes conversation with them. =O.

Today, after church I went to Brian’s 4 year old birthday party. And he really loves thomas the train so he was dressed up in a thomas train conductor outfit. And was telling me all about thomas the train. I didn’t know who this red train was, so I called the red train guy larry, and he said “no, its James”. Anyways, it was at pizza hut, and he had this cake with a thomas the train toy on top of it. So I went to clean it for him. He followed me into the restroom, and he stood next to the wall while i was clean his trains. He started talking to his friend or something, and it the conversation sounded really interesting, so I took my time to wash the toys.

The most interesting kid is my cousin Matthew, he’s only 1 years old, but he likes to talk and eat things. And like all little kids, I like to stick my finger really close to his mouth to see him open it, and it works all the time. I just move my finger really close and like a garage door, it opens up and his tongue sticks out. My auntie anna would laugh at me saying “stop tricking matthew”. So I eventaully give him the tomato pizza topping.

Finally, I was sitting around thinking of many things yesterday because Edris was telling me how someone made money in college being a person who would take people’s resumes and submit it to many different companies. He told me if i wanted to start a company, I just need a focus and committment to that focus. So it took me a long time, and I thought long and hard….

So anyways, I was at my cousin’s house and fixing her network, and I asked her which sites she liked to go to, and she said disneychannel, radiodisney, cartoonnetwork. Only around 3-4 websites, and I would watch her show me which sites it was. And they just liked playing the game, and I think they were watching the new Hillary Duff video, and for some reason Edris and I were talking about her earlier. And he thinks that she either had plastic surgery or is doing this one drug because her cheeks are more boney, and her lips are too thin and thick. So I asked my little cousins if hillary duff looks different, and they tell me that she looks much different in her new video. So I took a look and her “fly” video and her new video.
Anyways, back to the point. All i noticed was that they really only go to those websites and knew all those singers, and play lilo and stitch games. Then I thought, maybe i could make a website that could be like that except geared more Christian oriented, family friendly style.

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