fun day

Today was one of those nice relaxed summer days. Edris and Vinesh came over and we went to cheese board. And for the second consecutive time, we couldn’t get into cheeseboard because that place is never opened on mondays. =0. So we went back to Barneys, and this time I got a sweeter tasting burger.

Then after lunch we had crazy soccer fun. We played on the field and would do shoot out rally. And we would try to put more pressure on each other by saying that this goal will be to save your house. Or this is for ethopia. Then we just tried to just see who could kick the ball the farthest.

When i was vinesh’s house I was reading about electronic sweatshops. Very interesting article about how some guy set up an electronic sweatshop in China and had the guys play 9-12 hours a day, and all they would do is farm minerals and make gold in the massive player online role playing game. Then they would make money selling that gold on ebay to other players.

Somehow we ended up playing soccer from 2-6, with a little break in the middle to drink Arizona and watch Batman:TAS. So I think at 6’o clock we decided to go to Half Moon Bay. But we would first go to starbucks to get something to drink. Then once we went there, we sat around for half an hour. Then decided not to go to Half Moon Bay. So we eventually decided we wanted to go to Roscoe’s Waffle and Chicken. So we drove all the way to Oakland, and then we found out that Roscoe’s Waffle and Chicken was gone. So we just drove down Broadway.

… Then Edris remembered about this ice cream place. Fenton’s Ice Creamery right at the edge of piedmont and Oakland. So we went there and we all got ice cream. Edris ordered teh Saddleback, vinesh ordered Black and Tan, and I ordered Fenton Special. Wow, we got a lot of ice cream. Edris’s was 4 scoops of vanilla on top of a brownie, and vinesh’s and mine were massive sundaes.
It was so much that only I was able to finish my sundae. So then through some coaxing from vinesh and Edris, I then proceded to eat the other half of edris’s saddleback and brownie (it was only half done). It wasn’t too bad, then there was vinesh’s sundae(shake). He had eaten all the top of hte ice cream but had not touched the stuff in the glass, so all the caramel and vanilla were still in the glass.

While I was eating Edris’s brownie, Edris said he would give me 50 cents to finish vinesh’s shake, and he poured mustard into my empty cup. And I put my spoon into my cup. With that, I picked up the glass and started to chug it down. The melted ice cream was easy to drink, but then there was the chunk of vanilla that was all clumped together. It made it hard to drink, so i pick up my spoon from inside my drink, and I didn’t remember there was mustard on it. So I had mustard on my ice cream, but i still chugged it. Edris looked like he was going to die from watching me stuff the ice cream down. I did take a 30 second break, because Edris wanted me to chug it in 3 minutes. During my 30 second break, the waitress came by and gave us our check and said “take your time finishing it”, and I had no idea what she was talking about. So then eventually after I finished chugging most of the ice cream, we left. Vinesh and Edris were telling me how the waitress said “take your time”, because she saw me chugging down the ice cream, with Edris and Vinesh egging me on.

That ice cream with brownie was really filling. I ate their share of ice cream. AFter all that ice cream, I don’t think i can eat ice cream for at least a week. Unless its with a brownie, or a slice of pound cake.

For some reason, at vinesh’s house we watch the most random shows. We ended up watching degrassi and Daria, and talking about modern art. Degrassi is too hilarious, because they have some ridiculous characters, with so much drama. While watching tv, we were talking about cubism and how it affected art, and how picasso’s most sought after paintings were made during the blue era. And how ironic it was rich people were buying art about poor people.

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