I was calling one of the realtor ladies today to see if I could set up an appointment to look at a place. And I didn’t like her at all from the tone of her voice. I would describe her voice as being on the stern, “don’t bother me” type of voice. So, I found out that the place already had some people signed up, and they were going to choose the tenants later in the day, so I finished the conversation there. But that lady left a bad taste in my mind, because she sounded mean and irritated.

For the past few days, I’ve been having nightmares. And its kind of freaking me out. I don’t remember much, but I in one of my dreams I left my key in the front door and someone rang my doorbell to tell me that i left my key outside. (This actually really occured to me once, a while back, I had left my wallet on my driveway, it fell out of my pocket somehow. So the next day when I woke up and was doing stuff I hear a doorbell ring and a man says “are you Andrew” and gives me my wallet. And I thank him) So that guy was in my dream, and somehow stuff all went bad in my dream, so when I woke up I ran out of to bed because i was all pumped up from my dream

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