bumble bee

crashes into the windshield and dies on impact. I can tell spring is here, because on our way down to Cal Poly, my rooomate’s car windsheild was all nasty. We were just plowing through every insect we encountered. A bee and a butterfly got caught under his window wipers. I thought it was alive but it was dead, and the car’s speed was the only thing moving it. Then the we moved the window wipers, and the bee stood straight up and looked like it was dancing. Then the bee was blown off. On the other hand, the butterfly just colored the windshield. the windsheild had some colors of red, white, and yellow. Very colorful.


Ahh, i missed my little cousin’s birthday party. college. Haha, Zoe wanted me to keep on singing my songs. She’s so cute. I kept on rubbing her hair. Silly girl. My sister always calls her “baby”. Becuase she’s only 3 years old. So she’s baby.They were playing with click-its. I’m not sure what that is, but it’s made by lego. And they had pictures of some cartoon female that looked like Bratz on there. Weird little girls, and they were singing their cheetah girl song. Their favorite song is that “cinderella” song. It has a nice tune to it. The song has a nice motto. It tells girls to not wait for their prince, and tells girls to be independent and rescue themselves.


Okay, i’m going to make a really good song. A song that acutally has meaning, unlike my previous songs. After my superhero song.


Got to make a flash animation movie.

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