kissing the ground

So I got myself grounded (which is something that I haven’t gotten for at least 5 years). Because of that, I’m stuck at the house, so I can’t go over to Vinny’s house, but if he wanted to, he could come over to my house. Don’t worry, I accepted the grounding honorably, if you want to know what happened. My room was very dirty and my mom told me to clean the room and turn the tv off or else I couldn’t go to vinny’s house. So I cleaned the room, but didn’t turn off the tv, so I got the punishment.

On to topic two, those hong kong people staying over at my house only sleep 3-4 hours a night. My sister was talking to them and they were telling her that they usually do that. Sleep late and wake up early, they go to sleep from 3-4am and wake up at 6-7am. Now I think that makes me a monster sleeper with my 11pm-8am sleep cycle right now.

Then I wondered, what would my life be if I never got into an argument with my sister, or parents. After thinking about it, nothing really came up. So I think that in order to have no arguments everyone will have to be perfect, and have no flaws. Because my sister and I know each other so well that I think we can dial into each other’s mind perfect. I sometimes say something but catch myself as I’m saying to and change the sentence so it becomes a random sentence (say for example I might say “You’re mama is so fat,(oh wait this is going to be mean) I love fat people”. But my sister somehow finishes what I say in her mind. So she gets all mad at me because she thinks I was going to say this one thing. So I get mad because I try to tell her I didn’t say that, and that I was saying something else.

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