Good thing I iced up enough. So my ankle isn’t swollen. But it does kind of hurt when i walk, but I’m going to try to walk it off. Well, I eventually walked it off by the time for the interview.

Then I drove all the way to richmond to have an interview with a company. And it wasn’t too bad of a drive there because there was no traffic. But if I worked there, I would have some tough traffic to compete with. So I got there and it has two different buildings, and I went to the wrong building. These doors were all locked, so you see me walking around trying to open up random doors that can’t be opened. Eventually I see this man come out and ask him where the front is, and its another building on the other side.

My favorite part of the interview was when the lady asked me if I looked that the website, and I did take a glance at it, and I kind of looked over everything. So she asks me how I think I would fit with the company, and because I didn’t really remember much except that this company made optics and used it in space. So I made something about optics stablization, with gyroscopes. And they would test me for almost every possible drug out there. And test me for berrylium to see if I’m allergic to it. Actually, I have no idea what position I’m applying for.

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