I was eating some ice cream popsicles my mom bought. And there was one that was cotton candy flavored. And it taste just like cotten candy, like eating the sugar. So it was kind of nasty, because it had the sugar flavor to it.

Today was really hot, and I closed my room to take a nap and close my window and door, but didn’t close my shade at around 3pm, and my room started to bake. And the sun was shining right into my room, so I woke up with sunlight in my face, and feeling all sweaty. I then ran out of my room and outside the house and laid on the grass.

So I was driving today to baywood court. And I had an idea where the place was, but I wasn’t really sure where it was, but I knew it to around a couple streets. As I’m driving I see a street called baywood drive, and I think, “wouldn’t it make sense that baywood court would be on baywood drive”. That meant I drove around for 4 minutes on baywood drive looking for baywood court. While in actuality baywood court was one street over.

Vinesh came over to my house, and we sat around and watched 1 hour of “the office”, and some random cartoons that I downloaded like “speed racer, she-ra” we laughed because those shows were really poorly made. So eventually, we ended up just looking at the flash animations we were working on.

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