Kid’s Menu

What happens at work during lunch? The waiter decides to have a lot of fun with me. It was too funny for my co-workers.

As the four of us are sitting down at Mexico Lindo, the waiter comes up and he says to me “would you like some ice cream?”. This throws me off for a second, and my co-workers were laughing so hard. we are sitting down. Then the waiter says “the kids drink menu is on the back”. =). Then 3 minutes later when he comes to take our order, I’m trying to order the chimichanga plate, which is right above the “child’s plate”. So as I’m pointing at the menu, he went “Ahh, so you want a Child’s plate”. Which has my co-workers laughing at me again. =). He did get the right order, but man I got the toasting of the day.

Then more family stuff, there is 2 pictures.
Sister and Cousin Katie,

Family sitting around. The dog’s is tied to the couch, so it can only go as far as within 4 inches of baby Allison. So it was really funny, that dog wanted to smell her all night, it really wanted to go up to the baby when it pooped so it could take a whiff of the diaper.

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