Super Sunday

Today was sunday. Yesterday night was pretty interesting. My friends came over and brought me out to drink soju in the city before one of them went to Germany for 3 weeks to visit his relatives. So we went out there, tried to find “playground”, and were walking aroudn for 5 minutes trying to find this place. Vinesh’s iphone was saying we are directly above it, and we kept on looking and didn’t see it. Finally, one of us looked up, and behold there it was on the 2nd floor. =P

So today I did get to drop by home depot and put together my pvc piping, lay a black board on top and Voila. I now have a little stand to slide my guitar pedals under. That way I can put my art stuff on top without have to close up everything and replug everything back in. =)

Here is where I put my illusion books and tricks, I also have some of my church books in there too, because it is right next to me.

If you look, it looks like I have a recipe binder that holds index cards. I use that to hold illusions, with scripts and what i’m suppose to do. =P, or else i will forget if i don’t do the trick all the time.

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